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SEX Why is there a blog about sex on MAXIMonline? Well, why did nature enable a human to jump on trampoline?
Kenny, 06.02.2017

Kenny: man must have a powerful boner! ! I'll tell you how to achieve that within 15 minutes!

Hi guys! Without beating about the bush, women like when their men are ready anytime. That's for sure! Of course, feelings are also important. Such as tenderness, trust, and many others. But when your woman wants you inside her, only pure physiology works at this point. Women love not only with their ears, they also love with their vagina!

Perhaps those girls who are rookies in sex or helplessly timid they don't care but will you be interested in being with them? Do you prefer boredom to fireworks? If so, skip this page as you don't need the information below.

If you want to have a tigress in the bedroom, that would scratch your back and scream so loud that the neighbor who lives five blocks from you gets his dick hard, then you would need a GOOD BONER ANY TIME day or night!

So, how to be 100% sure in your erection ?

I already said that I'm not going to beat around the bush. I want to be straight. I'm not an altruist and the product which I want to describe further I previously advertised for MONEY. However, the thing that I was promoting was not a fake but a really effective product which I checked on MYSELF and it helped me.


Once I was a poor fellow with no money and hopelessly looking for a job. I went to Singapore from my hometown. I was looking for my place in the world. I was a strong and tall guy. One of the thousands in the capital city. I sustained myself with odd jobs. Worked as guard on a construction site, was a sales person at furniture store, tried luck in the modeling industry, worked as an administrator at a beauty salon, a model, appeared in advertisements, opened Linda Evangelista's fashion show when she was in Singapore and took part in the fashion show of Versace suits designed for Singapore. For the fist time luck bleakly smiled upon me when I was invited to get filmed in a music video. They showed me for ten seconds and it was mostly my back.

Maybe it was just an accident, however, I think that nothing in your life happens accidentally. There are always underlying causes and regularities that should be revealed. Unless you are a piece of shit swimming down the gutter. Director and cameraman intuitively understood that if I chose macho's image, I would lose as my todger is not good enough. I had muscles, however, but the thing below was quite small. A small flaccid penis can't make you successful in bed, can it?

I was quite ripped, but failures in bed chased after me

After the video, I was noticed and invited to work as a stripper. Audience accepted me but I wasn't driving girls crazy. And I KNEW why. They felt I wasn't confident enough in myself. Therefore, I took some steps. I wanted my manhood be as hard as my muscles.

I paid huge money and received a brand-new supplement for potency from the US Thor's Hammer. A man who sold it to me swore he acquired two lovers after he started using it, because his cock was always ready. He perfectly realized that for the money I paid him I would smash his head should something go wrong. But I didn't have to do that.

I started taking Thor's Hammer strictly following the directions, every day. The first time I felt my skin became cooled, then I felt pricking. In 10 minutes I got wood and it remained 4 hours straight! I don't even know when I lost my boner, I fell asleep. Next times erection became longer and longer, but I learnt how to relax as I didn't want to face a situation in which I would appear a ridicule because of my 24 hours a day boner. - My women went crazy with lust, they couldn't understand what was going on with them. Of course, I didn't want them to know so I blamed it on my good looks and they could swear they had the best sex in their life!

The whole point of taking the drops is to ensure your body makes it a habit to send impulses to penis when you need arousal regardless of stress, fatigue, alcohol and whatnot. I learnt to control my penis so well I can lift it just through sheer force of will. At that moment my new scenic image appeared. Girls instinctively noticed DRASTIC changes. I took part in orgies all the time because I got easily bored in bed with one girl. Few could manage 2-3 hours of non-stop sex.

Women are ready to give themselves to me any place any time

Guys, now a couple of words why I trusted this very supplement and paid huge money for it instead of trying various masseurs, pills and folk stuff. Remember, your penis is not just a muscle. It rises and hardens not by fibers contraction as it happens in a muscle but by filling cavernous bodies with the blood. But sometimes penis veins get clogged or they are too narrow or arousal impulse don't reach brains. There may be tons of reasons!
The outcome is the same - pennis as flaccid as a dead worm.

If you want to be always on top and recharge your cannon, with a break easily a mere 5 seconds, then usual exercises won't help you. You need a remedy which will cleanse capillaries in penis cavernous bodies and make it function perfectly, as smoothly as your leg or arm. I want to add that all the components are natural and the drops cause no side effects. As you can see I'm healthy and feel great.

And now, some selfies which I mentioned before. See and envy! That is what can be achieved by ANY of you if you want to be a real man !

Even without seeing my penis, girls fall into an ecstasy

My powerful penis is not only a thing to pleasure my girlfriend but also a part of my image. During my performances women feel my self-confidence and energy charge , which makes them ecstatic. This is exactly what I need as an actor.

And the last thing to mention. Good news. In Singapore these drops are sold as Thor's Hammer. Moreover, thanks to technological advancement over the last 15 years, its price slashed and now it can be purchased at moderate costs from the supplier's official website. Now there are absolutely no hurdles for those who want to be a real man.

Want to be a Man? Do it!


P.S. The package is, of course, enclosed in a parcel with no data on it. Everything is confidential ;)

Two days ago Ha. Cool. I envy you... Perhaps I will order it now =))
Two days ago Thanks. Yesterday I collected the package from the post office. I'm starting using the drops . By the way, the price is moderate... plus I had 50% discount... there was some special offer
Two days ago My brother lives in the US. He says this supplement (its analogue) is VERY popular there... Seems everyone is delighted. I'm not sure...
Two days ago Hi! That's impressive! Awesome! I'll make my husband read your article )
Two days ago I've been using it for the second week in a row. My penis is rock hard! Sexual vigour is so strong that my girlfriend thinks I'm on medications! :) Well, Tarzan, thanks, bro!
Two days ago I bought it with a discount too. I liked it! Thanks
Yesterday My dick now gets bigger when I have a boner! I ordered two more packs.
Yesterday I've got a notice from the post and I'm going to collect my package. I'll write about the results later on
Yesterday I know about this supplement too. My hubby explores and uses it. He's trying to set a new record every time)) Now it's 1 hour 45 minutes without a break.
Yesterday Hi. Lost for words. Awesome! I made an order and now wait for the delivery.
Yesterday IMHO if you have problems with boner, you should check heart at first. Maybe it doesn't work properly, might have troubles pumping blood.
Yesterday It is far from being something new. Everyone knows about Thor's Hammer. Those who don't are simply unwilling to obtain a brutal boner. I never had so hard in my life!
Yesterday These capsules have been used in the US for quite a while and pretty successfully.
Yesterday Hi! I ordered Thor's Hammer a couple of months ago. The result exceeded all my expectations... By the way, penis length also increased.
Yesterday I ordered it just out of curiosity. Let's see what will happen. To me everything looks clear.
Yesterday Thanks for the reference. I want to order it for my boyfriend. I'm bothered with his failures in bed. Nevertheless, I love him )))
Yesterday Thanks! All girls admire my boner, but I hook up with the hottest ones!
Yesterday Thank you very much! I've got it with a decent 50% discount!
Yesterday Shit!! It's a real THING! Many thanks for the topic... I'll tell my bros too... :)))

The official website to buy Hammer of Thor